Ofuk Almajd Automation Network

Ofuk Almajd Automation Network is a distributor of electrical products and technological content, specializing in automation, control and drives in the Industrial Electricity sector, which conducts its business relationship with its clients through a website. This multilingual and multi-currency online platform offers free content and commercial service worldwide.
Our team of engineers, specialized technicians, computer specialists and logistics experts with extensive experience in the world of industrial automation, led from our logistics center in Valencia (Spain), aims to offer our clients the best possible logistical, technical and commercial support. For this purpose, we have complete technical documentation by item, special prices updated in real time and stocks of the main references of a wide range of products, for which we offer express shipping services.


To provide logistical, technical and commercial support, offering a wide range of products for automation and technical content in the Industrial Electricity sector.


Our website, leading search engine in the Industrial Electricity sector, is a source of content to assist electrical engineers and technicians in the design and maintenance of industrial electrical installations, offering special prices and delivery times in real time and organizing the technical information to make it useful and accessible.
A company prepared to compete at a global level.



Leadership, responsibility, collaboration, innovation and quality.


Global Logistics Service.

From our logistics center in Saudi Arabia, we make deliveries to almost every country in the world through renowned companies such as DHL, UPS and Chronoexpress / FedEx.
Our logistics partners operate in over 220 countries and territories, offering fast, reliable and punctual delivery. You can track all your shipments at any time online.

Products Range:

Industrial Automation and Control:

  •  PLC-PAC & dedicated controllers.
  • Programmable Controls.
  • Enclosures & Accessories.
  • Interface-Measurement and control relays.
  • Contactors & Protection Relays.
  • Relays-Interface-Control and Measurement.
  • Motor Starters and Protection Components.
  • Limit Switches & Sensors.


Low Voltage Products and Systems:

  •  Modular DIN Rail Products
  • Circuit Breakers and Switches
  • Motor Protection Circuit Breakers.
  • Fuses.
  • Power Monitoring and Control.
  • Process Control & Safety.
  • Panel Accessories.
  • Power Quality Solutions.
  • Thermal Overload Relays.


Low Current Products and Systems:

  •  CCTV – Surveillance Systems.
  •  Access Control & Security Systems.
  • Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Public Address Systems.
  • Nurse / Staff call systems.


Other Specialized Products:

  • Climate Control.
  • Semiconductors.
  • Power Sources.
  • Regulators.

Previous experiences

Ofuk Almajd experience lies in acquired projects that already supplied to the main clients as listed below:


2. Saudi German Company for Nonwoven Products

3. Technical Products & Services Co.

4. MOAH Company.

5. Shibh Al Jazira Contracting Co.

6. Integrated Panels Co.

7. Control Technology Co.

8. alfanar Co.

9. Nesma & Partners

10. Al Iman Contracting Co.

11. Al Khorayef Water & Power Technologies Co.

12. Al Watania Poultry.

13. Arabian Pipes.

14. Salini Saudi Arabia Co, Ltd.