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#M300-AAD – Multitek – Digital Panel Meter

The M300-AAD digital panel meter is primarily designed for use in the power industry, but offers a wide range of both AC and DC input parameters. The applications are limitless.

#M850-MP1N Red – Multitek – MultiPower Multifunction power meter

The M850 MultiPower is a complete 3 phase digital universal metering system in a standard 96 x 96 mm DIN case. It can be used on any voltage system with wide range on inputs. The auxiliary supply is a universal supply for both AC & DC volts. The one unit covers the majority of application without any modification required, which makes the M850 ideal for stocking. DELIVERY TIME 2 WEEKS

AUTONICS LED Counter/Timer – #CT6M-2P4


AUTONICS LED Counter/Timer Digital6 AC Power

Counter and Timer, (W72mm x H72mm), 6-Digit, LED, 2 Preset, 2 Relay and 3 NPN Output,100-240 VAC

  • Prescale value setting range – 6-digit model: 0.00001 to 99999.9 / 4-digit model: 0.001 to 999.9
  • Communication function supported (communication model): RS485 (Modbus RTU)
  • One-shot output time setting range - 0.01 sec. to 99.99 sec. by setting per 10ms
  • [Counter]
    • 9 input modes/11 output modes
    • BATCH counter,
    • Count Start Point (counting initial value) setting function
  • [Timer]
    • 11 output modes
    • Various time setting range– 6-digit model: 0.001 sec. to 99999.9 hour / 4-digit model: 0.001 sec. to 9999 hour


Digital Counter, L8AN Series, 8 Digits, Universal Voltage, 24 Vac to 240 Vac