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Honeywell MICRO SWITCH GLC – Part No:# GLCB01A2A

MICRO SWITCH GLC Series Global Limit Switches, Side Rotary With Roller - Adjustable, 1NC/1NO SPDT Snap Action, PG13.5. MICRO SWITCH GLS Min-Din limit switches are durable and reliable limit switches sealed to IP and NEMA ratings. The compact housings are often ideal for equipment where space is at a premium. The extensive product range is available in three different housing types; metal housing, plastic housing or a three conduit metal housing which are mounting compatible to EN50047. A wide range of actuators, contact blocks, and conduit/connectivity options enhance the product offering. In today’s demanding age of logic-level controls, electromechanical switches are frequently used to interface with PLCs and other logic level devices. GLS limit switches offer an option for gold-plated contacts for the standard switch. This option promotes the switch reliability for logic-level applications.