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Infenion IGBT Modules 1200V 150A DUAL #BSM150GB120DN2

• Half-bridge • Including fast free-wheeling diodes • Package with insulated metal base plate

Infineon Phase Control Thyristor Module 1600V 800A #TZ800N16KOF

70 mm Power Block Single Thyristor Modules for Phase Control are designed and assembled with high reliable pressure contact technology using an isolated copper base plate. Summary of Features: - Pressure contact technology for high reliability - Industrial standard package - Electrically insulated baseplate - Short on fail - Highest robustness Benefits: - Fail safe - Preventing arcing on fail - Easy mounting - Fuseless design possible due to high overload capability - UL recognized - Simplify mounting - Reduce process time in production - Increase system reliability and lifetime - Eliminate of thermal paste application process - R thCH 20 % less