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#TZ800N16KOF – Infineon – Phase Control Thyristor Module 1600V 800A

70 mm Power Block Single Thyristor Modules for Phase Control are designed and assembled with high reliable pressure contact technology using an isolated copper base plate. Summary of Features: - Pressure contact technology for high reliability - Industrial standard package - Electrically insulated baseplate - Short on fail - Highest robustness Benefits: - Fail safe - Preventing arcing on fail - Easy mounting - Fuseless design possible due to high overload capability - UL recognized - Simplify mounting - Reduce process time in production - Increase system reliability and lifetime - Eliminate of thermal paste application process - R thCH 20 % less

Infenion IGBT Modules 1200V 150A DUAL #BSM150GB120DN2

• Half-bridge • Including fast free-wheeling diodes • Package with insulated metal base plate